Price list

Status: 10.09.2021


The price scale is based on the number of classes and users in the school3 in order to be able to provide the necessary system resources related to the size of the school.

Payment method / License Fee [Euro] / count of users 3
Courses Users Courses Users Courses Users Courses Users Courses Users
≤ 8 ≤ 3 ≤ 16 ≤ 5 ≤ 24 ≤ 10 ≤ 35 ≤ 20 > 35 > 20
Rental fee yearly 2 75,- 100,- 170,- 280,- 390,-

For schools in Braunschweig we offer free on-site advice and installation support.
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Payment method / License Price [Euro] Comment
Rental fee yearly 2 390,- Charged per school

Electronic scoreboard for the Franzplan

on demand
If you would like a specific offer or if you have questions about the product variants, please send an email to

2) Rental licenses include free updates to the current software version

3) You can access the Franzplan by entering your user name and password. As a rule, the timetable planners each have a user name. The number of user names known in the system is counted.