Product Types

The Franzplan is available in different product variants.


Franzplan-WEB is the variant made available on the Internet. It offers the greatest possible flexibility for both the timetable planner and those who need access to the timetable. You can go anywhere, anytime work or view the timetables as long as there is internet access.
We operate Franzplan-WEB for you. We set up the software and ensure that everything runs smoothly. You get a link from us and the access data. You concentrate on the lesson planning and do not waste time on installation, updates, system maintenance, etc. We take care of that.


Franzplan-WS is the solution for parallel access of several timetable planners on a web server that is operated by the School. It is hosted independently and is accessible from the Internet. This also means that students and teachers can view their timetables online.
This software is available for operating systems Windows and Linux.

Elektronic Scoreboard for the Franzplan

The Franzplan can be easily displayed on an electronic scoreboard. The place for this scoreboard can be selected flexibly. Only restriction is, that the Franzplan server can be reached via WLAN or cable.
Prices depend on the preferred hardware and the local conditions. We are happy to provide information.
If you want a specific offer or have questions about the product variants, please send an email to