Franzplan Features

Franzplan is an easy to use, small solution for creating timetables for schools.

  • The program saves the time planner an enormous amount of time and minimizes the risk of accidental planning errors.
  • It is very inexpensive and pays off for the planner in very short time.
  • The timetable for years, classes and teachers can be made completely paperless.

The timetables can be viewed online or prepared for printing in Excel. This is done for years, classes, teachers and rooms.

Schooling can be planned for individual classes as well as in the form of courses / couplings across classes or years, whereby several users can work on the same plan in parallel.

There is a modul for creating supply boards.

What else can the Franzplan do?

There is a collision check for the following criteria:

  • Compliance with the specified graduation requirements
  • Multiple occupancy of rooms at the same time for different classes
  • Multiple assignment of teachers at the same time in different classes
  • Restrictions for teachers (Cannot/Don't want) are taken into account.

The person responsible for scheduling can see,

  • which resources (teachers, rooms) are available or already occupied,
  • what times the teachers are assigned to each subject or class,
  • which hours are taught in double occupancy.

There is a module for accounting teacher hours.