Changes, Extensions, new Functions


  1. Teacher accounting:
    • The accounting is now available as a separate menu item for user having the role 'Teacher' They are able to see their own accounting and can download it as Excel sheet.
  2. Timetable views:
    • The timetable for classes, teachers or rooms can printed out directly beside the known function for downloading it as Excel sheets.


  1. Couplings:
    • Couplings are managed now under menu 'Master data - Subjects/Couplings'. They can be generated from the list of selected subjects.
    • Couplings can also be created on the basis of the marked entries under the menu item 'Classes'.
  2. Timetable planning:
    • The font color can be specified for individual timetable entries.


  1. Timetable planning:
    • The planning status for teachers and graduation requirements is displayed in panels directly in the planning view.
    • Timetable entries can be created directly based on graduation requirements and teachers plannng status, where more than one timetable entry can be created in one step
    • Creating of more than one timetable entry is possible in one step.


  1. Check timetable: The view for checking the timetable has been remastered: Check timetable.
    It can be moved to another browser window and thus the check can be carried out in parallel during the interactive planning.


  1. Supply board: The module for substitute planning is now available as a beta version.


  1. Single Sign On (SSO): The Franzplan support single sign on, means can now be configured that the login with user data of other servers is possible, e.g. with the user data from iServ, see also SSO


  1. Planning - extend weekdays view: The weekday view has been improved. It can be expanded to include all classes, see: wekkday view
  2. Planning - font size: The font size can change in the planning views.
  3. Teachers accounting: Teachers' hours can be calculated on the basis of lessons instead of minutes. The settings for this are made for the school.
  4. Teacher colors: The colors of each teacher are now shown in the planning view.
  5. Fixed bugs:
    • Various dialogues closed too early in the event of incorrect entries without the cause being shown.


  1. Timetable planning: A further view was introduced for planning, in which all classes of a year are shown as columns and the days of the week are separated. This is particularly useful for small schools with multiple locations. A complete location can be summarized here as a year and be planned for every dail.
  2. Fixed bugs:
    • Ther were problems in assigning e.g. rooms in pick list views, if the acronyms contained slashes (e.g. 'room 1/2').


  1. Timetable planning: A new overall view was introduced for planning. It shows the timetable including all ressources (classes, teacher, room), see overall view.
  2. Fixed bugs:
    • The presentation of the timetables was incorrect, if not complete days but only selected hours with 'Off' have been marked.